Monday, November 15, 2010

Recent Writing

Ok, so I humbly admit that last brilliant idea is still safely tucked away in my notebook, until I decide what to do with it.  I still think it has potential ... I'm just not sure it's what I should be doing with my time at the moment.  But in evaluating the worth of my idea, and in the process reflecting on my goals and desires in life, I did a lot of soul searching (and talking) about what to do with my desire to learn, express ideas, debate, inspire, empower others and reflect ... of course whilst refusing to compromise in my other roles!

I decided NOT ...

*  to launch into Nanowrimo (fun and enticing, but at this point too self indulgent) 

*  to execute my ambitious plan to publish the above-mentioned book by next November (since I can't commit large chunks of time to a project unless I believe without a doubt that the world needs it now, that I'm the only one who can deliver it, and that the opportunity cost is worth it ... never likely to finish anything with those standards am I?)

*  to go back to Uni (physically or online) to get formal recognition for the research and learning I am unofficially undertaking.  I don't mean this to sound arrogant, but I decided I'm too busy learning to be limited by conventional studies.

So, lots of 'NOT's ... but I have been writing.  Even if I don't often have anything to show for it.
I've written ...

*  in my journal:  thoughts about faith, physical and mental health, adjustments to my diet, thinking patterns and lifestyle
*  home ed. lists, plans and ideas, to help me compare and prioritise goals, resources and practicalities for future years
*  essays and articles ... home education, gifted education, why underachievement is over-rated
*  encouragement for writers
*  dreams for an alternative education community resource centre
*  various exercises from an old favourite writer's resource, "The Writer's Path"
*  my own eulogy, after watching this last night!

I don't know what, if anything, will ever come of my writing.  But that's beside the point ... it's just something I love to do.  It's part of me and the way I think and express myself.


  1. I'd find it really hard to ever go back to uni - after homeschooling, I've been made aware of jumping through hoops for the sake of it! I think I'll just keep learning the way I am :)

    That was pretty much my thoughts on Nanowrimo too..

  2. NaNo is fun. ☺ I don't have time. I'm back in school. The pssitivity is killing me after homeschooling for over 20 years...!!!


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