If you love writing you’ve come to the right place for refreshment, rejuvenation and inspiration.  I dream of building a grand tree house by the beach, and living in a perfect world where everyone treats each other kindly, everyone is safe and nourished and clocks are superfluous.  
Possible this side of heaven?


Welcome, visitors!  Step into my world for a moment … 
I rest in a hammock on a bamboo raft, shaded by a silky sail.  Drifting on a sea of possibilities.  The sky is bright with wispy clouds that publish my dreams.  The water is clear, shimmering with promise.
I spy a distant island and set sail towards it.  Almost there, almost home.  
A wave lifts me ashore and I step onto soft white sand.  Paradise.  I’m in no rush to leave this hidden gem.  Today I’ll explore a rocky headland, warm tide pool or the mysterious inky heart of the island, beyond the majestic palm trees.
Tropical beach scene on a sunny day in Oahu, Hawaii
I’m not new to writing, or writing about writing, but this IS my first blog dedicated entirely to writing.  Here, I’ll encourage and nourish those who visit, and share some of my experiences, ideas, thoughts and dreams.
What are your writerly hopes and dreams?

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