Saturday, October 5, 2013

Flashback ... and crocodile eggs

I found something I wrote 3 years ago which really should be on this blog ... a journal entry about my desire to get back into writing.  I didn't write much on Ink Island back then, as life was pretty crazy with younger children home full time and writing, much as I loved it, came about 17th in my list of priorities.  When I had a rare chance to write, I chose my pen and paper journal, home education blog or on home ed forums.

Now for something other writers might find useful ... here's an article I wrote and had published in a magazine (my memory is shocking, and I forget now whether it was in print or an ezine) in 2006 ... Crocodile Eggs for Writers.

Are you quick to share your ideas, or cautious?

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  1. I share my ideas with a few trusted people - namely my 2 critique partners. we've worked together for over a year and have built up a level of trust that we know we would never stomp on each other's ideas but instead build them up and encourage them.


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